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Sending a Flanders Vet BACK to UKR to Clear UXO TRIP #4

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UPDATE 8/21/23: “This will now be my 4th trip and our focus will be ensuring each student graduates the course with their own VMC-1 detector.”

I'm a husband, father of 3 and an EOD technician. I served in the US Army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician for 8 years before being medically retired for injuries sustained during my career. Following my tenure in the Army I have been involved in chemical weapons clearance, counter IED, humanitarian Demining, and other assorted EOD contracts.

Shortly before the invasion of Ukraine I was contacted by some friends who were in Kyiv anticipating the need for EOD technicians and we immediately began our efforts to train, advise and assist as many Ukrainians as possible on how to safely remove these explosive hazards from their land.
The work is hard, it's dangerous, and more often than not our partners are the first ones into an area after reclaiming it from the orcs.
We, like anyone else in Ukraine right now, need constant supplies. EOD tools by default are expendable because we aren't, but that doesn't mean they're cheap. We constantly need to replace ropes, carabiners and other tools used to we remotely move Russian ordnance, alongside landmine clearance equipment and PPE.
I am planning another trip to both do my part removing explosives from Ukraine, and to also distribute much need equipment to these heroes on the front lines walking towards unexploded bombs instead of running away from them. If you can bring yourself to donate, most materials can still be sourced in Ukraine and buying local means more now than ever."
From BlackRifle Co:
"We are a data company (no coffee here). We use our data to do some amazing things outside of stacking big ROIs for our clients, and some of those things include contributing device level data, OSINT, and funding to a non-profit organization we are proud to be part of, Flanders Fields.

We are veteran-founded, and Flanders is veteran-focused. They take once-struggling vets and give them purpose again by empowering them to change the world.

The EOD guy in the below photo is one of theirs, a dear friend of ours. He's a combat veteran of three wars, one of which he volunteered for, and he's yet again volunteering his EOD expertise in Ukraine.

We are hoping our network will help Flanders turn what started as a $5k goal into something much, MUCH larger, as our friend here is planning to train as many Ukrainians as he can to dispose of unexploded ordnance, teach them to safely remove and dispose of landmines, and make Ukraine a safe place for children to play outside without having to worry about getting blown up.

No matter your opinion on this war, none of us want to see kids suffer. Our brother in arms is going to do his part to ensure that never happens under his watch.

We'd like to see this effort 10x what the original goal was.

Are you willing to stand up and make a tax-deductible contribution towards a vet (in recovery from service-connected opiate addiction) go save lives?"



Sending a Flanders Vet BACK to UKR to Clear UXO TRIP #4
Sending a Flanders Vet BACK to UKR to Clear UXO TRIP #4 Sale price$10.00