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Men's Apparel

Men's Apparel

Explore our Men’s Apparel collection, featuring durable, stylish, and comfortable clothing designed for the American patriot. From rugged T-shirts and hoodies to versatile jackets and trousers, every piece honors the spirit of freedom and bravery. Ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions, our collection stands as a tribute to those who have served and continue to uphold the values of our great nation.

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Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Short Sleeve T-Shirt Sale price$34.95
Short Sleeve T-shirtShort Sleeve T-shirt
Short Sleeve T-shirt Sale price$35.00
Flanders Fields Men's Premium PoloFlanders Fields Men's Premium Polo
Short Sleeve T-ShirtShort Sleeve T-Shirt
Short Sleeve T-Shirt Sale priceFrom $29.00
Traditional Unisex HoodieTraditional Unisex Hoodie
Traditional Unisex Hoodie Sale priceFrom $59.00
Helping Hand Men's heavyweight teeHelping Hand Men's heavyweight tee
RED Flanders Fields TeeRED Flanders Fields Tee
RED Flanders Fields Tee Sale priceFrom $30.00
Unisex HoodieUnisex Hoodie
Unisex Hoodie Sale priceFrom $53.00
Distressed Flag / Poppy Men's heavyweight teeDistressed Flag / Poppy Men's heavyweight tee
Flanders Fields Donate Unisex t-shirtFlanders Fields Donate Unisex t-shirt
Flanders Donate QRFlanders Donate QR
Flanders Donate QR Sale priceFrom $30.00
Traditional Flanders Fields Men's heavyweight teeTraditional Flanders Fields Men's heavyweight tee
3/4 sleeve raglan shirt3/4 sleeve raglan shirt
3/4 sleeve raglan shirt Sale priceFrom $24.50
Unisex  Ask Me HoodieUnisex  Ask Me Hoodie
Unisex Ask Me Hoodie Sale priceFrom $59.00
Men's Ask me classic teeMen's Ask me classic tee
Men's Ask me classic tee Sale priceFrom $32.00
Unisex Hoodie - Flanders Fields logo, flag sleeveUnisex Hoodie - Flanders Fields logo, flag sleeve
Unisex Hoodie - Retro PoppyUnisex Hoodie - Retro Poppy
Unisex Hoodie - Retro Poppy Sale priceFrom $58.00
Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt - Retro PoppyShort-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt - Retro Poppy
Embroidered Apron
Embroidered Apron Sale price$23.50
Unisex Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt - Retro PoppyUnisex Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt - Retro Poppy
Unisex Premium Sweatshirt - Flanders LogoUnisex Premium Sweatshirt - Flanders Logo
Unisex Long Sleeve Tee - logo with flagUnisex Long Sleeve Tee - logo with flag
Men's classic teeMen's classic tee
Men's classic tee Sale priceFrom $32.00
Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt - Flanders logoMen’s Long Sleeve Shirt - Flanders logo