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Our Team: Pillars of Strength and Compassion

At Flanders Fields, our strength lies in our team's dedication and shared commitment to supporting veterans. United by a common goal, our team members from various backgrounds bring uniqu

Discover our mission

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council consists of esteemed members who bring invaluable experience and insight. Their guidance shapes our strategy and ensures that we remain focused and effective in our mission.

Board Members

Our Board Members are the backbone of Flanders Fields, leading with vision and unwavering support for our cause. Their diverse experiences and unified commitment to our mission drive us forward.

Join Our Team

Flanders Fields is always looking for passionate and skilled individuals to join our ranks. If you're motivated to make a difference in the lives of veterans, we would love to hear from you. Explore our current openings and become part of a team that changes lives every day.

Our Partners

Each partner brings unique strengths and resources, contributing significantly to our collective mission.

We Fight Monsters

Moral Compass Federation

Relentless Revival

Team Rubicon

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Irreverent Warriors