Our Mission

Flanders Fields is on a mission to make sure no veteran is ever denied a bed, addiction treatment placement or support because of inadequate financial resources. Many veterans experience delays of days to months waiting for the Veterans Administration to fully cover needed services, often to their detriment. There is always the possibility the services won’t be covered at all. In cases of opioid addiction, such delays can be deadly. The nature of addiction often leads opioid dependent veterans to seek street alternatives and the prevalence of fentanyl is so dire that a delay of just a few hours in getting into a treatment facility can result in another needless death. Many more of our brother and sister veterans are lost to addiction, either directly by overdose or indirectly by suicide, than are lost in combat. It is our relentless mission to help every veteran in need that we can.

UPDATE: 8/15/21
We have extended all of our mission to all Afghans who served the United States Military and their families.


Who We Are

Flanders Fields is a group of Army and Marine veterans on a mission to help other veterans in any way possible.  As veterans, we understand the true problems and situations our soldiers deal with when coming home. Veterans are often faced with great challenges after service, including PTSD, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), alcoholism, overmedication, homelessness, and opiate addiction. 

Why the Poppy Flower?

The poppy is the enduring symbol of remembrance of WWI, one of the deadliest conflicts with roughly 8.5 million soldiers dead. In Western Europe, some of the fiercest battles took place across the landscape. Through the horrific battlefield, red poppy flowers would continue to grow, inspiring a surgeon, John McCrae, to write the poem 'In Flanders Fields'.  Poppies are symbols of sleep and even death, but poppies are also symbols of regeneration.  In Christianity, the poppy symbolizes not only the blood of Christ, but his resurrection and ascent to Heaven.

As a sign of remembrance, the poppy flower is relevant to those who served in Afghanistan, or those have fallen victim to the opioid epidemic. Opiate pain killers and heroin are both produced from poppies, and this very fact is the reason Flanders Fields uses the poppy flower as both a significant reminder of the blood shed of war, and the addiction and PTSD that follows.

“Every hour that passes is another veteran that may be lost forever while in desperate need of help or support.”

Afghanistan Effort

There are certain things in this world that we simply will not accept. The efforts of Flanders Fields has helped countless Americans and American families get back here to the United States of America from the war in Afghanistan.  We are committed in this effort until EVERY interpreter and linguist is in the nation that promised them safety---WITH their families.  We will not waiver on this.

Employment Assistance

When a service member separates, it can often be difficult to find the next stage in his or her life. Flanders Fields uses our large network of American businesses to help employ our veterans when their new life begins.

Addiction Support

Trauma is a real thing, especially coming from a veteran's perspective. Being veterans ourselves, we understand the help and support that's needed to get your service members' lives back on track. In every possibly way, FF is here to help.

Housing Assistance

Many veterans don't realize what is available to them, and that's where we come in. Flanders Fields works with our network of real estate and government works to help veterans get into a home, ready for the next phase of their life.