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Helping Families Out of Afghanistan

Flanders Fields is working together with other organizations to help at-risk Afghan individuals and families escape Afghanistan. Whether we are donating to facilitating flights, funding visa efforts, or securing congressional support, we are committed fully.  We are also leveraging the power of our volunteers and the power and scope of our network to directly contact families still in-country. Once located, we go above and beyond to provide families and individuals safety, food, supplies and a viable path out of Afghanistan.

Our Effort

If you served in Afghanistan, you understand the level of commitment these men had to our mission, our teams and our nation.  We won't let that faith they put in our American Way ever be found to be misplaced.  We are here to ensure Americans fight for our interpreters and their families with the same dauntless courage they fought for America with.

Air Travel

Flanders Fields Members are working round the clock to ensure no Afghanistan ally will be denied transport because of lack of funds or due to diplomatic hurdles.

Providing Resources

Working with organizations like Team Rubicon and NCPTF, we are able to provide food and shelter to people in Afghanistan, working together for the strength of humanity.

The Kabul Airlift Was A Feat Of Logistics And Stamina, Marred By Chaos And Violence. The evacuation of Kabul, over 120,000 people in two weeks, is one of the biggest airlifts in history. It was also a chaotic stampede of tens of thousands of Afghans fleeing the Taliban.

Read the full article or listen to the audio here!


A key focus is educating our nation on the facts of the situation. We do not and have not advocated for anyone but completely vetted and documented American allies. The media narrative is misleading at best, and we focus on developing awareness and empathy for this humanitarian crisis. 

Communication Support

Our team has ground communications with refugees and allies on the ground. As guides, we work within our network to get families to safe zones and onto a plane to the United States.

Visa Assistance

Navigating the proper process to get out of Afghanistan can be the difference in making it to the USA or dying. Our communication network expedites the Visa process by ensuring no time is wasted through duplicated efforts.

In Partnership

Flanders Fields Is Working In Partnership With Operation Recovery To Help Afghans In Need.