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Are You A Veteran Who Needs Help?

Flanders Fields can help. Whether you’re in need of financial assistance or a help getting your career started, reach out to us, we’re here to help. Our team is helping veterans across the country get conntected to the right networks, while aiding in substance abuse help, home opportunties, and more.

Veterans Supporting Veterans

We are simply a tight-nitch brotherhood that knows that the trials and tribulations of life can get to get to even the strongest solders.

Tackle Addiction Together

Veterans every single day fight the battle with addiction. As veterans ourselves, we first-hand understand the effects uf substance abuse, as well as the struggles and fight ahead, Our experience and network can help you get started towards tackling your addiction and moving forward in a positive direction. 

PTSD Counseling

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a mental health disorder that develops after a traumatic event, typically seen in solders who have faced comat . It can completely disrupt an individual’s life, making it hard to sleep, relax, concentrate, and function.You may have heard that PTSD mainly develops in soldiers, but it’s actually more common than you might think. 

Dealing with Trauma

Many of us veterans have faced some traumatic scenarious. Through your service, our 

Brain Trauma and TBI

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is sudden damage to the brain caused by a blow or jolt to the head. Common causes include car or motorcycle crashes, falls, sports injuries, and assaults. Injuries can range from mild concussions to severe permanent brain damage. 

Reach Out For Help

We are always available to help any veteran in need. Simply contact us below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possiblle.