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Operation: USMC Combat Vet Riley

Sale price$10.00

Y’all might remember USMC Combat Vet Mr Riley from a post a few days ago about his car being stolen. We got a long way to go on this case, watch the video.

We have a focus on addiction and homelessness in the veteran community, and sometimes that means supporting the veteran victims of addiction-fueled crime, which is where Mr Riley falls into this equation.

We gotta get this man and his wife relocated, and with a quickness. He’s still got the Marine mentality, as you’ll see in the video, but in the particular neighborhood he’s in, that mentality combined with his age and the violence of the street gangs here, it’s a bad combo.

We’re shooting for $3k to get him out from under this car and $2,500 to break his lease.

Small donations add up, even if you can only do $10, please consider helping while we can.



Operation: USMC Combat Vet Riley
Operation: USMC Combat Vet Riley Sale price$10.00