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Operation: Marathon Linn

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From Steve Linn:
I am running the Jersey City Marathon on 4.23.23.
Back in 2020, when the Marathon I was training for was cancelled due to the Pandemic, I decided my wellness can't be cancelled. My helpfulness can't be cancelled. So, I ran my own LOCAL marathon.
1. For me, it's about the lifestyle, the process and the journey
2. I was committed to finish EVERY training run in the my program
3. Especially during those uncertain times, I was committed to control the controllable.
I decided that perhaps I could get “sponsors” to support me while sharing goodness in their local community.
So, I created a FB Group, spoke to a few friends and within 4 days, all miles were covered.
People are good.
Since then, I have used every Marathon I run as an opportunity to ask others to be helpful and spread goodness; mostly supporting a specific charity.
This go around, I'm asking others to support Flanders Fields bc they are on a mission to save the veterans left behind to suffer homelessness and addiction by priding them with renewed purpose through community-building and good works. 
The Rules:
Choose your mile marker to sponsor, share that with me via FB Messenger, on the FB Group Page, via Linkedin message or email at
Make a donation that is representative of the mile marker you are supporting.  My recommendation is $10 X the mile marker you are sponsoring.  So, mile 2 would be $20 and mile 26 would be $260.  
Thanks in advance for spreading goodness and virtually cheering for me on 4.23.23. I vow to give my all to every one of those 26.2 miles, and as many of you know I will do so with a big smile.
With gratitude,


Operation: Marathon Linn
Operation: Marathon Linn Sale price$10.00