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Memphis Clean Living: Project REBOS

Sale price$10.00

Your generous, tax-deductible donation to Flanders Fields will be put to incredible use, supporting millions of injured veterans, caregivers, and family members. It's because of your contribution that we can help bring aid to every one of our veterans in need.


3 existing sober living facilities already operating with 28 beds for men and 14 for women. The funds will acquire an existing and successful 20-year for-profit operation to be converted into a self sustaining and franchisable model for non-profit veterans preference facility that can be replicated in any municipality


Flanders Fields will subsidize rent cost for veterans that are meeting community service requirements within each house. The majority of tenants are non-veteran, and their rent covers the operational cost of the house, and additional revenues above that cost are allocated for expansion.


Deploying Memphis as the pioneer operation, this project will demonstrate the model for what a self-sustaining and replicable non-profit can look like. With Memphis live, Flanders Fields can bring an operating and successful model for community improvement through sober living initiatives to any municipality.



Memphis Clean Living: Project REBOS
Memphis Clean Living: Project REBOS Sale price$10.00