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Board Members

At the heart of Flanders Fields' endeavors, our Board Members stand as pillars of guidance and vision. Their unparalleled commitment and diverse expertise propel us toward fulfilling our noble mission. It's their leadership that shapes the direction of our organization, ensuring that we make the most significant impact on the lives of veterans and their families.

Meet Our Board

Our board is a mosaic of talents, each member bringing their own unique perspective and skill set to the table. From military veterans to strategic thinkers in the realms of business, healthcare, and philanthropy, this diversity fuels our innovative approach to solving complex challenges faced by our heroes.


A visionary leader, Ben's passion and deep commitment to veteran affairs have been the driving force behind our initiatives.

Meet Ben

Jess Owen

Robert Coleman, COO

rebecca coleman

Dan Robitaille

Board's Impact on Our Direction

Our Board's leadership has been instrumental in launching several key initiatives:

Veterans' Rehabilitation Programs:

Spearheaded by the board, these programs have offered new hope and beginnings to countless veterans.

Community Outreach Initiatives

Under their guidance, we've fostered partnerships that have significantly expanded our support network.

Advocacy for Veterans' Rights:

Board-driven advocacy efforts have led to significant policy shifts, amplifying the voices of veterans at the national level.

Our Partners

Each partner brings unique strengths and resources, contributing significantly to our collective mission.

We Fight Monsters

Moral Compass Federation

Relentless Revival

Team Rubicon

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Irreverent Warriors

Discover More About Our Leadership

To truly understand the force behind Flanders Fields, one must delve into the stories and visions of our Board Members. Their leadership not only guides our organization but also inspires a broader movement towards honoring and supporting our veterans.

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