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Article: Dr. Kara Lawrence, PhD - Development Coordinator

Dr. Kara Lawrence, PhD - Development Coordinator

Kara L. Lawrence, Ph.D., has a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Southern Illinois University where she was a Celia M. Howard research fellow at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. She is currently writing her dissertation about NGO accountability at NC State University in the School of Public and International Affairs. Her research interests center around Nonprofit/NGO management including the downward accountability of organizations to the communities they serve as well as equitable service delivery to ensure access to basic needs. Kara brings with her ten years of diverse nonprofit experience working as an ESL educator, special groups coordinator, event planner, researcher, and human resources generalist. She also has worked with various faith-based NGOs in the areas of education, food delivery, clean water, and housing. Although, she has been always interested in international affairs and development, her experience helping to evacuate her friend from Afghanistan before the August 31st withdrawal profoundly influenced her priorities, prompting her to utilize her skills in networking, fundraising, and outreach to help others trapped in the same dire situation. 

Phone: 618-771-0013