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Article: Roya Khan - Women's Advocate

Roya Khan - Women's Advocate

Khan has served with the Department of State for many years. She spends her time supporting philanthropic efforts throughout her community, country and world. She actively volunteers with Prince William County Committee 100. Khan currently works for the Rotary Club of Alexandra West, where she serves as an active member of the Social Justice Committee, Youth Protection Officer and Vice Chair of the Youth Exchange Program. Here, she focuses on the mission of advancing the world’s understanding of goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, support of education and the alleviation of poverty all over the world.  As a realtor, Roya Khan enjoys helping others with their real estate needs. Prior to her career in real estate, she obtained a master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. 

After the collapse of Afghanistan, she began supporting organizations which focused on the Afghan Evacuation efforts. She has volunteered for ARK Salus and Flanders Fields. ARK Salus is a group of private American citizens and former U.S. Special Operations advisors with unique expertise, driven by a moral obligation to assist and protect the Afghans who assisted and protected the U.S. military. With vast experience and logistical capabilities, ARK Salus is positioned to fulfill their duty and mission to safeguard Afghans and their families, and rescue them from Kabul. Flanders Fields mission is similar, in which they help veterans and our allies who served our Nation. Together, they will bring the Veterans and Afghans to safety, just as they brought safety to the U.S. service members for two decades.