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Article: Brandon Deaton - TBI/PTSD Affairs

Brandon Deaton - TBI/PTSD Affairs

Brandon Deaton enlisted in the US Army infantry in 2005 at the age of 17.  He deployed to Iraq with the 10th Mtn Div shortly after finishing OSUT at Ft Benning.  After surviving many IED blasts and firefights, losing brothers along the way, on 24 March 2007, then Sgt Deaton was driving an uparmored HMMWV along Rte Pinto in Sadr Al Yusifiyah when he hit a pressure plate IED.  Of all the blasts he'd survived, this one did the least damage to the vehicle, but it changed Deaton's life forever.

60 surgeries later, Brandon is a failed limb salvage amputee from the knee down.  Brandon spent a lot of time at Walter Reed and met some amazing folks along the way, but Reed is also where his opiate addiction began.  Brandon met Ben during a treatment stay in Memphis, TN through a mutual friend, who suggested Ben employ Deaton.  This was the foundation of the Flanders brotherhood and the beginning of lives being saved.

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