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Article: Whose life is worth saving?

Whose life is worth saving?

No life is beyond redemption.

That’s not just something I say because I like to say it. That’s how I live, and I pray every action I take models that belief and that my actions will forever back up my words.

Not just Veterans. Every life. Our org is focused on just the vets. My personal philanthropy is to anyone struggling.

I put my money where my mouth is, too. Jessica and I sold a business last year to dump the proceeds and freed up time into Flanders Fields.

We brought on a partner to BlackRifle Co to free up some of my time, put its growth and many of the operations in his very capable hands, so that we can focus on a broader mission that he cares deeply about, too.

BlackRifle donates a mountain of data to the effort as well, primarily on locating missing folks using publicly available device level intel (again, my BlackRifle has nothing to do with coffee, it’s data used in digital media targeting, audience, content consumption profiles).

I think at this point, everybody knows my background: I was an addicted and homeless vet for quite a while.

Which is important to remember when I say what I’m about to say.

Not one life is beyond redemption. Not one.

The guy in the below pic helped keep me in my addiction, in years past he was a dope boy, a drug dealer.

Today, he helps us find trafficking victims and missing addicts any time he’s able. He flags folks for us that may be nearing willingness to accept an extended hand. He comforts families of those we lose. He washes cars and does house maintenance for elderly veterans.

And, he now owns a legitimate business that Jess and I helped him get off the ground.

No life is beyond redemption, even if that life caused harm to my life in the past, I will do all I can to help you navigate your way to a better one.

We serve a God of redemption.

Help us carry this mission forward

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