Genevieve C. Springer, Ph.D. ABD - Public Affairs Specialist

Genevieve C. Springer, Ph.D. ABD has a Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) from Vanderbilt University’s in the School of  Leadership, Policy, and Organizations; and is now in the dissertation phase of her doctoral degree in North Carolina State University’s School of Public and International Affairs. Her current research interests hover around the intersection of democratic accountability, criminal justice, public agency performance, and equitable public policy for underserved populations. Professionally, she has served as a project manager at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College, an educator in both public and private schools teaching and designing interventions for at-risk youth, researcher, and team leader. As the daughter of a Cuban immigrant, Genevieve has developed profound patriotic motivations given the invaluable opportunities the U.S. has afforded her own family. As such, in recent years she has become increasingly driven toward professional and personal goals that emphasize defining features of democratic governance. In particular, her strengths lie in the activation of informal networks using creative boundary-spanning strategies. Her work experience, education, and personal motivations aimed toward patriotic humanitarian causes have recently contributed meaningfully to the exfiltration of those left behind in Afghanistan. 

Phone: 919-770-1576